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e-Lybra 8 is a completely new, groundbreaking, fully automatic PC-based analysis, balancing and remedy system.  e-Lybra 8 tests for over 285,000 different imbalances, disorders (physical as well as psychological), poisonous substances and deficiencies in a 100% objective and automatic fashion.

This system is based on resonance and biofeedback through electrodes connected to the client; it is completely without any influence from the therapist.

The computer detects the individual resonance patterns matching each and every imbalance.  The body responds through a resonance and biofeedback mechanism, in other words, a communication between the e-Lybra 8 and the body.

Destructive substances, such as chemicals, bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites, are gradually minimised and often eliminated.  The e-Lybra 8 reveals weaknesses in the immune system, also the ones that are genetically innate.  It strengthens the immune system before any disease has the opportunity to develop.  Furthermore, the e-Lybra 8 scans the meridians and over 400 acupuncture points and automatically stimulates/treats the ones that are not balanced.

New and extraordinary discoveries make it possible for the e-Lybra 8 to automatically produce ALL the necessary resonance patterns in a complex homoeopathic form at the correct potency in one bottle.  Each resonance pattern uses the proprietary "Buffered Interface Matrix" (BIM).  The BIM allows each resonance pattern to have available to it every potency in its buffered state.  This means that each remedy bottle contains resonance patterns with ALL variable potencies.  As the body's requirement changes during the client's balancing session, then so does the different potencies which are already in the BIM.

The complete body scanning, balancing, and the remedy production takes from 15 to 20 minutes.

For more information about e-Lybra 8 technology in general please refer to www.wds-global.com