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Pandora Key is a simple and highly effective multidimensional therapy system developed from over 20 years experience and successful results in the field of complementary health care.

Pandora Key
is based on the principle that a person is already ‘whole and complete’.

Pandora Key – Transformational Change Practitioner Training offers the Key to reconnect to the body’s wisdom and unlock the potential that lies within.  Just like Pandora’s Box, the part of us that wanted to keep us safe locks away the parts that it had no knowledge or resources to deal with the experience at that time. It is only fear and lack of wisdom that inhibits accessing and resolving these parts. This course offers training and experience in Somatic Change Process and is an invaluable tool for already practising therapists and those looking to embark as a Professional Change Agent.
At the end of the 6 day training you will leave a fully qualified Transformational Change Practitioner©

Pandora Key Practitioner Training
Bringing together the very best in transformational change therapy to create a master system of Mind, Body and Soul change processes that will enable you to take your practice on to a whole new level. A unique approach to holistic therapy, that will give you all you will ever need to know to help transform both your own and your client’s life. 

Certificated Practitioner Course Authorised & Approved by IPTA UK

If you are self employed then you may get up to £500 towards the cost of this training, follow this link to find out more information.



I recently came out of the corporate world and was looking for a change of direction in career.  I came to the Pandora Key with the intention that I had lost myself in the corporate world and who I really was personality wise and got it back!  Also to develop ideas and be with like-minded people and connect with them.  I always knew I was creative but did not realise to what depths until I did this course.  I am completely firing on all cylinders and ready to go.  Pandora Key has helped in confirming this to me and brought forward my creative thinking and MORE creative thinking.  I lost myself and have now found myself.  I have ripped up my life and I have started again.

Eve Taylor Scotland

I was made redundant for the fifth time this year and struggled with what I wanted to do.  I have done some marketing for Susan and Avril and needed to know more about what was involved in the course.  It has changed me completely – and I mean completely!  I have worked on so many things this week that I never even thought possible.  I am a completely different person.  My views of people, the world and everything have been turned upside down, juggled around and I am just beaming and loving the new Karen.  I cannot believe that I got this from just one week.  I started the week thinking that I was a fake because I did not have any issues to work on and through the love and support of everybody here, not only do I have the knowledge of the course, I have me back.  I was sceptical at the beginning but it is so powerful I am taking it back into every aspect of my life – my relationships, my children, my friends and my life.

Karen Scott Alloa

I came on the Pandora Key Transformational Change Practitioner course as for a very long time I felt very lost and very lonely. Doing this course has been absolutely wonderful.   I have learned so much about myself and I feel as if I have been REBORN! I want to share what I have learned with other people.  Share the love and support that I have had here this week and it has been truly awesome! Pandora Key Practitioner Training – Go for it – It will transform your life!

Louise Pendreich Lothian

I have been on a bit of an adventure over the last year – different training and different qualifications. There was something holding me back – lack of confidence, lack of knowing how to take the first step. Pandora Key just felt right – I just knew, I had a feeling that this was the last part of the jigsaw. I wanted to feel worthy, accept myself and know that it would enable me to help other people with congruence and integrity.  Knowing that I had a chance to work on any of the issues that were holding me back.  I feel amazing, I have never felt more grounded, more aware of love, acceptance and joy and knowing where I am and where I want to go next. The family that Susan and Avril brought together, it was the feeling of support right from the very beginning, it was the feeling that everyone that was supposed to be here was here and we all fitted together just perfectly. Susan and Avril knew when to support, when to push and when the resistance could be pushed a little bit more in a safe and loving environment.  It felt like home. It is the best thing I have ever done and it’s going to set me up for the rest of my life.

Aly Townley Calm Centred Therapies Lothian

I chose this course I as know Susan and I know anything that she was going to do was going to be transformational.  I wanted to get a space, a time where I could have 7 days of just immersing myself completely and utterly in just being and learning in a loving environment.  I must say I could not have chosen better. A really beautiful experience and I met some amazing people that are going to go out there and change the world. If you are thinking about doing it and you really want to make a difference in the world come and join this group because there is so much love here for you. Susan and Avril, from the bottom of my heart ‘Thank You’ and thank you for creating it. You have made a difference to my life and it will allow me to go out there and make a difference.

Paula McCormach www.the adaptive.co.uk  Newcastle

I have been working in therapies and as a coach for the last 7 years and this course was a natural progression from where I was.  What is offered through out this week has been absolutely perfect because it integrated the physical side with the mental and emotional plane. As a human design analyst I can now add to what I can offer people not only on the trainings I provide but also in the one in one work which this one is absolutely ideal for. My intention was to add a new dimension to the way I coach.  What I do works with peoples energies.  What I was looking for was additional skills that would compliment what I do naturally to give more depth and add to the spectrum that I have to offer and it has certainly done that. The whole group environment was just amazing; the way we have been able to connect and the honesty.  The heart felt group bonding between everyone. I am not coming away with fellow practitioners but with a network of people that are passionate about what they are doing.  Susan and Avril has been immensely beneficial, they facilitate the creation of this. I have never experienced so much laughter on a course.  Just learning with joy and at your own pace and everybody had something to contribute.  The group dynamics was amazing.

Gabriela Prestige www.smheartrelationships.co.uk Birmingham

For more information email
Susan:-  sking77409@aol.com

6 day certified Transformational Change Practitioner training
Taught over 3 weekends -