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'M POWER-ing Women' bespoke workshops are designed to educate and assist women on how to create a more passionate fulfilling life.  Re-empowering you with your own unique ability to live the life that you desire; breaking free from the woman you have become through your life experiences and got lost under all the hats that you have had to wear. Daughter, schoolgirl, girlfriend, wife, mother, friend......

It's time to ditch the hats and unleash that powerful woman inside you that's screaming to be unleashed.

Every woman on this planet has the power and right to be the Goddess who creates, nurtures and transforms all that she sets her mind to.  To live a life with passion, direction, meaning and choices.

Have you became that woman who:-

*   Wears so many hats that you have forgotten your own true identity

*   You feel that life is empty apart from the mundane day to day tasks

*   Lost the passion for fulfilling your own dreams

*   Lost confidence in your own abilities

*   In a rut and don't know how to get out

Is there a Goddess in you that is struggling to break free and live life more fully, with passion, desire and personal achievement.

Would you like to become the M POWERED Woman:-

*   Who knows who she is and loves living in her own skin

*   Who has more confidence and self belief

*   Lives life with passion, motivation and vision for the fututre

*   Has balance and harmony in her life

*   Can achieve all that she sets her mind to with ease

'M POWER-ing Woman - Get me out of here' is a two day workshop dedicated to all women who want to rediscover and connect with the Woman Within.  An  empowering, motivational and experiencial day filled with laughter and fun, that will give you the tools and techniques that you can use on a day to day basis to transform your life.

What is included:-

*   An inspiring fun filled day of training and transformation 10:00am - 5:00pm

*   A mouth watering delicious two course meal

*   All refreshments during the day.

Invest in yourself 

To be confirmed

Susan King - I have experienced many paths of life and have dedicated the last 14 years to my own personal discovery and healing.  With the wisdom and knowlede of my own self discovery, I now share with others, tools and techniques to use for their own discovery points and potentials.

Once upon a time I lived under the mountain of hats and 'forgot' who I truly was.  I had become what I though others wanted me to be, only to lose myself and become deeply unhappy and unfulfilled.  I was living a life without direction or passion.

One day I 'woke up' which led me into many different healing modalities and spiritual and self development courses, sometimes training and working alongside those who I would call 'Masters'.  This lonely, long journey into Transformation unlocked my passion to live life, realise my own potentials and share with others, way into which they can find themselves.

I live my passion - Inspiring Women, Men and children to live life fully, healthily and happily with the knowing of who they truly are.  Walking with them to the locked doorways created with doubts and fears that no longer serve them well.  Guiding them through their fears to find their own keys that open doors to new levels of understanding and positive ways of living.

I have facilitated many course and workshops as well as working on a one to one with clients of all ages.