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Back in November last year, I started a journey of transformation with an Executive Coach and, in February this year, I was introduced to Susan King as I was struggling with low self esteem and low self belief and couldn't seem to move forward.  Finding it particularly difficult to move on from issues of the past which were deeply hindering my personal happiness and fulfillment; serious accident of my daughter, two failed marriages, serious health issues and the sad loss of my mother following a challenging battle with pancreatic cancer.
Susan and I hadn't met prior to the start of the 3 day retreat and my nervous anticipation immediately disappeared as soon as we did meet.  Susan has such a warmth and welcoming energy; I felt myself relax almost instantly.  She hosts the retreat in a very modern, relaxed environment with everything at hand to allow complete switch off to maximise on the time and processes.  I can't ever recall being so peaceful being used to managed a very heavy schedule.
During the 3 days, Susan worked with me on a one to one basis through a mixture of conversational and hands on processes within her treatment room.  The processes were a mixture of intense, challenging and relaxing; exposing some personal deep rooted issues I had carried around for many years.  Some I wasn't surprised by, some I didn't realise were still such an issue for me; but all were quickly understood, released and put into context to allow me to move towards a much more positive future very quickly.  I was surprised just how quickly, as I had done some pretty intense work with a psychologist over a 12 month period but I felt I shifted more in these 3 days than any previous work I had done.
The feeling at the end of the 3 days was amazing, I felt so much lighter with a real inner happiness (which is not something I had expereinced before).  When I got back everyone was asking me where the glow had come from and these feelings have continued to develop over the last two months  My inner strength, self belief, confidence and enjoyment for life are continuing to grow each day.  Long may it last, I wouldn't hesitate in booking a further retreat and its something I look forward to in the future to maintain my personal growth in my journey to a much happier life.....thank you Susan it was a great experience meeting you......

Diane Pugh
Deputy Director of Human Resources, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust.


Spiritual Development


I have been a client of Susan's for many years and have benefited from her expertise in body, mind and transformational therapy work.  Last October I came to a place in my life where although I knew life was not fulfilling what was in my heart, I was unable to come to a place of realisation and change due to the constant chit chat in my mind, the emotion that it held and the fear of consequences that decisions would bring. With integrity and expertise in her profession, Susan worked with me over a period of time creating the loving space in which I could easily work through the beliefs and emotional barriers that inhibited my decision making and come to a new place of understanding within myself. With her guidance and mentoring I have come to the decisions that are right for me and am now able to communicate these decisions from a place of love rather from my mind.  This has resulted in me being able to communicate from the heart  and not my head with those involved, and come to a very amicable place that satisfied all our needs. The transformational process that brought me to the place I am in now was not always a smooth journey.  At times I found myself in a multitude of states as the layers of negative emotions and old behaviour patterns surfaced.  I began to doubt my decisions and motives. It was at this time I fully embraced the ongoing mentoring, love, support and techniques from Susan.  In the mentoring sessions I was able to take a step back and have a clearer vision and respond rather than react.  As Susan explained - ' Doubt is a place you come to to re-evaluate the decision you made and purpose of that decision.'  The decision that I had made was not done lightly and did I questioned myself - did I want to go back but then have to go through the process  all again?.    With humour and curiosity (which is part of her uniqueness) Susan likened the doubt to sitting on the fence.  The quality of Susan's work helped me in ways to re-evaluate and realign with MY decisions and choices.  I am now in the process of designing my life around my own passions and wellbeing.  Each day brings new insights and opportunities.  I am more able to communicate to others in my life without the old fears and beliefs arising and most of all giving myself permission to be me. Susan's integrity, honesty and wisdom shine through her work and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make life changes. 

D. Watts Staffordshire

I have had the pleasure of taking my Reiki I with Susan and attending her Spiritual Development Class as well as 1-1 sessions. Susan is an excellent teacher and therapist, she offers a safe and inspiring environment in which to learn and is extremely knowledgeable in the area of complimentary health . As a teacher she is able to articulate information in a digestible and memorable way and with great integrity, and I have significantly developed my skills as a result of working with Susan and being part of a group learning environment. The training, thanks to Susan's sense of humour has also been a really fun experience and I would highly recommend to anyone considering a course or 1-1 session.

R.W. Dunfermline 2013

Susan provides a unique, holistic approach to body and mind health and I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone who wants to feel really well. She is professional, informed and works from authenticity. I have now referred 11 people, all of them have been highly satisfied. Her contribution to healthy living in Britain is very considerable, and those of us who have benefitted, are all the better for it. I have no doubt her services will be in ever increasing demand.  

B H Kinross

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for all your help in me getting pregnant, staying well throughout and contributing to a Wonderful Birth.

Lesley, Ladybank

Thank you so much for all your care throughout my pregnancy.  You have made me chill and feel great.  The day I went into labour was an amazing experience that I will never forget.  It is all thanks to you.  Ellie is fab and we are all enjoying her so much.

Jen, Kinross.

Thank you so much for all your help over the years, our family is so much better for knowing you.  It was a joy having our paths cross.

With much love Alyson, Jules & family Glenrothes

I enjoy CranioSacral Therapy.  It is brilliant.  I like it because it keeps me chilled.  You are chilled too.  You are very nice too and I like you because you work through things with me.  It is the best thing that makes me very very very very very happy!  And I like your crystals because you talk about them all the time.

Ross  age 14 - Sycamore Projecct

Thank you for your help, the therapies made a huge difference during a difficult time.  I found the mixture of therapies you were able to offer particularly helpful as my health problem was complex.  The combination of reflexology, reiki, craniosacral therapy, somatoemotional release and detoxifying foot baths over the course of a few months helped me get back to full physical and spiritual health.  What you offer is not simply a range of therapies, you offer a lot of support and friendship too.  You are always bright, supportive and welcoming.  I have made a friend and will continue to come along to maintain what I have gained.

Nan Hughes Kinross

Susan King is a remarkable lady.  Over the last five years I have worked with her through many issues I had held in my body for a very long time.

I had been looking for many reasons for why I was repidly gaining weight, 2which the doctors thought was an underactive thyroid  I was not convinced and so this led me to look for alternative answers.  I was feeling depressed wirh low self esteem, about my weight gain and was desparate to find answers.  I had had reflexology, massage and reiki hich were all wonderful but I know were not getting to the root of my problem.

Susan managed to help me access inner feelings I had no idea were there.  Over many sessions the layers were peeled off and I got to know, understand and love myself.  Some of the experiences I went through were challanging but Susan supported me 100%.  Sometimes there was hysterical laughter and sometimes tears but always there was a sense of privacy, security and feeling I was in very safe and expert hands.  I was able to heal myself in a beautiful and calming atmosphere with Susan's support.

I have no qualms in recommending  Susan to anyone who wishes find inner peace and harmony and who is open to facing their own journey but with the support of a very special, talanted and supportive professional like Susan.

A H Kinross

Wendy & I attended a day's self development workshop with Sue King at her Centre 'The Celestial Garden' in Kinross just over a year after Daniel's death and this proved to be a major turning point for me (as Wendy had predicted it would be!)  We practiced relaxation techniques, breathing, clairvoyance and 'tuning in' to each other among other things.  It and he was a very interesting day and I discovered intuitive and psychic powers in me which I had not realised existed.  Sue said that she felt a young male spirit entity (Daniel!) with me during the workshop and that he was saying to me: "You and me Mum, we can conquer the earth!"

She felt he was extremely vibrant and energetic, and excited and eager to work with everyone during this day.  He is full of fun, she said, and he showed her games that had enjoyed on earth, such as the 'Mouse Trap' game!  At the end of the session, she saw him standing in the left-hand corner of the room, within a vortex of energy, and then he disappeared.

The Light and energy I felt there that day was powerful and Sue, a very experienced 'Light Worker' as I would call her, knew nothing about my son and she was surprised to 'see' him there joining in the workshop.  For me, bereaved only one year earlier, it was fantastic to have this contact with my son, and to have evidence from another person of his continued existence and presence!

Lilian M. Niven from her book 'MY SON - MY LIGHT available by email lilianniven@googlemail.com

A great inspiration to all those bereaved and feeling the loss of a loved one.  Great book Lilian

Dear Susan, Your ability to heal is truly remarkable.  After 30 years struggling with my health and other 'issues', I feel much stronger and happier having benefited from your gift.

Carol, Fife

In my 14+ years of self-development, I’ve attended a whole host of courses in many different styles and content, with many different teachers. What has become apparent is that the courses fall into one of 3 categories:

·       Nice to attend and take part, but no real long term changes in myself

·       Great to attend and take part, with some significant changes in myself

·       Transformational in both the short term and long term.

I have attended 2 courses with Susan King now, and held back from giving a testimonial until I was sure of where her courses lay; it is so easy to give a glowing testimonial at the end of a course when you are on a high from the course.
It has been a month since my attendance at the Journey into the Heart workshop and over 3 months since my first workshop with her.

Here is my experience to date.
From the end of the first day of Journey to the Heart, I felt a deep shift in myself. It has taken me time to recognise what that has been: an absence of worry and a presence of a profound sense of peace. Yes life still has its challenges, but I am much better at approaching and handling them now. This has some very practical consequences as I build a business with my partner. I am able to focus more and achieve more on a day-to-day basis, with greater clarity and confidence. I am achieving results much more quickly and know that our business will be successful in the way that we want it to be – and this isn’t from wishful thinking, but from real life results.

If you are willing to turn up, roll your sleeves up and go to work (it is a workshop after all!), Susan will not only match your energy but exceed it to help you get what you want out of the course.
There are many teachers with the right intentions out there, but there are few that have the skills Susan King brings to her delegates. In transformational work those skills are essential and Susan has them in plentiful supply!
Susan’s course is definitely in the Transformational category.

Sanjay Shah
Executive Coach, Professional Speaker & Head of Training

Web: www.sanjayshah.tv